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Paola Antonini One Legged Model of the Day


Paola Antonini seems to be a Brazilian model…or social media influencer and she’s got one leg….She lost her leg two years ago after being hit by a drunk driver…sad story, but she’s hot and she’s a survivor…and she has proved that when you’re hot you don’t need legs..you can still look hot as fuck and dudes will still fuck you…in fact – they’ll celebrate fucking you – because you don’t have a leg to get in the way of deep dick penetration, even for small dick…great access to the vagina…

And you know as a instagram model there are plenty of mall brands, protein powder, rich guys love the instagram model and they are fucking weird, and will fall for this, it’s different and exciting….the bionic woman..

Here are some pics….

She does the Treadmill…

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