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Britney Spears and Her Car Accident of the Day

Here are the Paparazzi trying to relive the glory days of when they killed Princess Diana because it turned out to be a huge story people are still talking about today that made them lots of money. Only instead of running after the royal family in England, they are running after America’s royalty, which in this case is Britney Spears. I know that’s not saying much about the USA but it’s what people care about and what better way to get pictures they can sell for millions, than to run the bitch off the fuckin’ road since in their insane European paparazzi ways while using their native European languages and stupid accents with their broken english,

The truth is that everyone is freaking out because she had a bit of a car accident that didn’t leave anyone hurt and her car is not even that fucked up, and everyone is talking about how she shouldn’t be driving, or whether she was under the influence or whatever, but no one is saying a thing about the harassment that lead to the car accident proven in the number of assholes with cameras that are on the scene before the cops even get there.

The paparazzi are fucking psychopaths, they don’t even have work visas and are the equivalent of migrant workers cleaning out hotel rooms in California, but those migrant workers get deported but for some reason the paparazzi aren’t getting deported but are instead trying to shut down my site while trying to kill Britney Spears and I pretty much hate them.

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