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Perla Ferrar’s Old Shitty Ass in Tight Pants of the Day

Perla Ferrar is Slash’s wife and baby momma who he tried to divorce but who sucked him back in, probably literally, or maybe just be threatening him with all the money she was going to take from him, making him realize that marrying a crackwhore stripper in 2001, when your career was pretty much no where and when no one who actually worked or had money wanted to give you the time of day, was probably a bad idea. Now she’s addicted to the lifestyle, that’s why I always say a whore is a whore and a stripper is a stripper, the second you take them out of that element, you are fucking with nature, and creating a fucking monster.

I’m just posting this cuz I think ladies too old for tight pants in tight pants is funny, mainly cuz it looks like their asses are melting and despite that not sounding all that hot…it is…mainly cuz of the ease and willingness of anal sex cuz they know they don’t have what they once had and it makes them tap into their sexual tool kit that they’ve collected over the years and work a lot harder…at least that’s what I’ve heard….

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Trashy Trashy Perla Ferrar for Paris Hilton’s Shitty Party of the Day

Paris Hilton had a private party and it attracted real class…as you’d expect you know with her being this rich as fuck girl from relatively Old money who at one time were the American Royalty…blue blooded and high society…I mean before her coked up father and mother got pregnant with her in a bathroom at Studio 54, only to raise her the only way they knew how, and that was by giving her to the help while they continued their party into their 40s, spendin’ Grandpa’s money, leavin her with no choice but to be a pornstar to get noticed by them….She didn’t get fucked on camera for us or to better her career, she did it to get her dad to answer her calls for a change…I would have liked the outcome of this sad story to end in suicide…I guess there’s still time for that…and while we wait, here’s Paris’ Guest named Perla Ferrar showing off her tit, dressed like Jessica Rabbit and I don’t care….

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