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Petra Marklund is Swedish and in a Bikini of the Day

I met a girl last night who I pretty much fell in love with. She could have been Swedish and she could have also been 15. I was sober and stuck in a crowd at some bullshit sidewalk event where they had a street locked down and that I randomly walked into thinkin’ I’d see some hot low level model pussy that I could seduce with promises of bigger fame and this girl, let’s call her Goddess, started asking the dude I was with about some bullshit. I chimed in a few times, but was too busy falling in love, and then her ugly friend made her walk away, never to be seen again. She traded numbers with a dude I know, but he wouldn’t give me the shit, so I guess it’s pretty much over for us, which is probably a good thing, because I’m pretty sure she was 15 and her stories of college were lies, but since I have this site, I figured I’d craigslist misconnection this shit, because actually doin’ a misconnection of craigslist is fuckin’ desperate and pussy behavior, like the fact that I didn’t follow her home to peer pressure her into loving me back by surprising her after she got ready and crawled into bed, while I worked my way into her bedroom.

So Urban Studies girl who may be 15, let’s go on an internet date, I’ll take you to a Youtube video, and to the rest of you, here’s some Swedish singer, cuz Swedish girls are known to be hot and busty, especially in their bikinis. Word.

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