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Pippa Middelton’s in a Bikini of the Day

Pippa Middleton - Bikini St Barths August 19-2015 020

Pippa Middelton is a disappointment……a massive fucking disappointment, that I can only blame the royal family for creating because there was a time that she was the wild, slutty, party girl sister of the future Queen, or mother of the future King…I don’t know how the Royal family works when it comes to them marrying commoners…

But I do know that pre-wedding and babies, her sister was slated to be a Princess, like an official fucking princess, and that was the perfect time for this one to have a fucking meltdown and go off the rails and misbehave for attention, becasue that’s what the second tier sister always does….

But I guess the royals have it figured out, it’s not their first rodeo with commoners marrying in, and they know if they pay the sister a million dollars a year, to do nothing but “philanthropic” work..which is code for partying at classy events, in exchange for her to be publicly perfect…otherwise “off with her head”….it works out best for everyone…

That doesn’t mean I can’t imagine her doing bad things…while in her bikini…because I am….you see, like I told a girl who used to send me nudes 5 years ago, but who has since gone corporate…people don’t change…just because their location, venue, socioeconomic position changes…they are still the same slut, you just have to get them when they drop their guard a bit…oftentimes…while drunk and/or roofied.


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