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French People Harassing a Stewardess of the Day

This video is fucking weird. If I was on the plane I would have jumped the motherfucker and made a citizen arrest or some shit, because this loud piece of shit would be disrupting my drinking during the crucial pre-takeoff part of the flight. I’d hoe to go some undercover agents were onboard to shoot the motherfucker, because not only is he french, he’s fucking annoying, but for some reason he got away with the shit. Watch the video….

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Girls Please Learn from this Dude of the Day

I hate the fact that everytime someone loses their shit and strip naked, whether it is a homeless person, a drunk or high person, or someone totally mentally unstable they always have a fuckin’ dick. It was a dude who I once say naked on a pool table with a pool cue in his ass, it was a dude I saw on the side of the street high on MDMA jerking his dick, it was a dude who I say passed out naked on a park bench covered in what looked like chocolate syrup, and it is NEVER fuckin’ girls. No matter how insane a bitch is, no matter how fucked up and high she is, I have never seen a girl voluntarily throw off her clothes, it’s always taken negotiations on my part to get a little pussy flash, and I’d love if just once, while sitting on a bus, on a fuckin’ plane, on a fuckin’ train or even in a fuckin’ horsedrawn carriage, a chick would start stripping and screaming and running back and fuckin’ forth, pussy and tits out in the motherfuckin open like this dude who did it on some United Airways flight….who got restrained by two off duty cops, who I hear thought this was the high point of their careers….who later got arrested, but Ladies, do not let that stop you!!! Please.

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Bar Rafaeli’s Face is on a Plane of the Day

So I guess with being the cover girl of the classiest magazine out there for their classiest issue of the year not only comes with many beer belly pigs jerking off on the toilet while shitting because it’s the only private time your blue collar ass gets, but it also comes with your face gracing the beautiful Southwest Airline, because they’re so ghetto they sell ads on their shit like your local city bus to make ends meet and offer you the best fare from Tampa Florida to Orlando or some shit.

I guess I shouldn’t talk since I’ve never flown this shit, but even I know it’s for poor people on a budget trying to get home for the fucking holidays, so I guess it’s good to know Sports Illustrated knows their target market.

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