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Polina Knoroz – Russian Pole Vaulter of the Day

I bet you have a pole you’d like her to vault onto, I mean not that she’d consider it a pole, she’s used to more substantial poles, and well yours won’t cut it…there will be no springing off it onto some mattress…but you can still look at her elite athleticism from the pics she posts on Social Media…plus, it’s not your fault, I couldn’t skip the cheesy pole joke either….I mean…it would be criminal to not make a dad pole joke…

Anyway, I saw this video of her on stepfatherpresents , and this Russian athlete is hot and probably not available on the mail order catalogs, I don’t know if they even do that shit anymore, but she is a reminder that Russian Women are the superior being…they are all hot…maybe it’s the communism their grandparents grew up in, maybe it killed off the uglies…don’t WIKIPEDIA mass killings due to communism…that’s banned….maybe it’s the performance enhancement pills, but that’d probably make her more manly…I was told women on steroids have clits the size of a man’s thumb by a baseball coach when I was about 10 years old…which in hindsight is fucking weird conversation to have with a 10 year old…I mean…what the fuck…

Point being – she’s good, and I don’t even care about her pole vaulting shit….

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