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Jessica Biel’s Nude Scene from Powder Blue of the Day

I didn’t watch this full clip. No, I am not gay, I figure anyone who can get off to this girl could be be, but then again just because she’s rock fuckin’ hard, doesn’t negate that fact that she does have a vagina, so I guess I shouldn’t hate so much.

I just have no real interest in watching shitty staged stripper scenes by a hungry actor who is trying to stay relevant, you know, years after the stint on some shitty WB religious show that made her famous in the first place ended.

Getting naked for a role in a movie that is going straight to DVD is a bad fucking sign of where things are going for you, but then again I’ve seen a few actors pull out of the gutter after being involved in pure shit naked roles, so it may not be over for her, especially if she manages to get Timberlake to marry her, in which case, she’ll be set for life and always in the paparazzi eye.

So maybe this is just the nail in the coffin she needs to do what really matters and that’s poke holes in the condoms, skip her pill, and make Timberlake stick it in her vagina for a change, despite how gross he finds vagina, to trick the motherfucker into getting her pregnant. It’s really the only intelligent retirement plan, since her career is HIV Positive.

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