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Grammy Award Winning Tits of the Day

Funny story. I watched the Grammy Awards last night. I NEVER watch the Grammy Awards. I didn’t live blog my Grammy Award coverage because since Twitter deleted my account, I feel no real point in doing that, I have 10 followers on twitter who don’t fucking care and I don’t expect live tweeting the Grammys to be my “Lewinsky” breaking story that makes me fucking matter. Maybe I don’t actually want to matter, but rather want to watch the Grammys in peace, to realize just how disconnected I am from the entertainment world, to sit in the scam that is mainstream success, to question Lizzo…or her a lyric that says “I’m not your side bitch” or something along those lines, obviously, she’s too big to be a side bitch, can’t fit in the the passenger seat, more a back seat bitch, cuz it’s got bench seating. She can bring her flute with her…..or to hate on Alicia Keys as she remembered when she was the fat bitch in the music industry, now she’s all like “I’m skinny fucks, bring more Lizzo”…or to hate on Chrissy Teigen for being a ugly opportunist cunt…while appreciating Tanya Tucker and Bonnie Raitt, because I like old Country…to seeing Bille Eilish’s rich LA 18 year old with a thug accent offset by her brother who lives in the same house as her not have that accent…because it’s all an act…like Demi Lovato’s acting sad to pull on your heart strings and to get your sympathy when she should be blacklisted for being an opiate addict….or Arianna Grande singing about all the stuff she buys herself in her album inspired by the loss of her boyfriend Mac Miller…nice tribute….and it was pretty shit, but filled “Kobe the Rapist” tributes because he died……….and I was glad…so glad Chapelle won and Ellen didn’t…which was my highlight….

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These are the tits…

Pia Mia was there, probably to give foot massages to the record execs while they watched the show..
Grammy Awards Pia Mia

Priyanka Chopra was there looking like a proud mother with her tits out next to her husband Nick Jonas
Grammy Awards Priyanka Chopra 3

Here she is at the Pre Grammy Party
Grammy Awards Priyanka Chopra

Rosalia came from Spain and sang some really boring song, shaking her ass in a white bodysuit..
Grammy Awards Rosalia

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Sophie Turner with Joe Jonas, probably stoned
Grammy Awards Sophie Turner

Tove Lo brought her tits out
Tove Lo Grammy Awards

Camila Cabello sang a song about her cuban dad
Grammy Awards Camila Cabello 4

Here she is preforming
Grammy Awards Camila Cabello Yellow Dress

Disney Trained Demi Lovato pushed the tears out, I assume she just has to think of the heroin she’s going home to and that brings tears of joy, which she can pass off as tears of sadness while she sings a song written for her to sing at the Grammy Awards to repackage her as a wholesome bi polar bitch instead of a degenerate drug addict.
Grammy Awards Demi Lovato

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Some Victoria’s Secret model Grace Elizabeth with the tits
Grammy Awards Grace Elizabeth

Heidi Klum brought her new face
Grammy Awards Heidi Klum

Madison Beer was at an after party with her tits out
Grammy Awards Madison Beer

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Nicole Scherzinger and her massive tits in a white dress
Pre Grammy Nicole Scherzinger

Naomi Campbell in a weird wig

Grammy Awards Naomi Campbell


Pregnant Lana Del Ray and her cop boyfriend
Grammy Awards Lana Del Way

Grammy Awards Lana Del Ray Pregnant

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Dua Lipa in some white silk
Grammy Awards Dua Lipa 3

Cardi B with her tits out because that’s what she’s paid to do
Pre Grammy Cardi B

Avril Lavigne aka Lil Half Dead
Pre Grammy Avril Lavigne 4

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Alessandra Ambrosio was stoked to see Rosalia, what is with that ass??
Grammy Awards Alessandra Ambrosio looks stunning ahead of the Grammys!

Ariana Grande showed up in two different dresses but with the equal amount of spray tan rubbing off making her look like a leper
Grammy Awards Ariana Grande

Bebe Rexha with the titty mesh, more of that here
Grammy Awards Bebe Rexha

Bilie Eilish is 18 now and won all the awards
Grammy Awards Billie Eilish

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Gwen Stefani looking plastic
Grammy Awards Gwen Stefani

Jameela Jamil was invited even though she’s a judgmental bitch
Grammy Awards Jameela Jamil

Jojo with the wet look, fresh off the pole.
Grammy Awards Jojo

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Joy Villa Supporting TRUMP
Grammy Awards Joy Villa

Lizzo looking for the buffet
Grammy Awards Lizzo

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Some Pre-Grammy Tits of the Day

The Grammy’s, despite being some staged bullshit, are a big deal for the music industry, at least I think they are, and they make a whole fucking production out of the thing. It’s like this obnoxious girl I know who like to celebrate her birthday over the course of 4 or 5 days, it’s like bitch, no one gives a fuck about your fucking birthday, why the fuck do you try to drag us all out 3 days before the fucking shit, and 3 days after the fucking shit like you’re some kind of fucking princess. The only reason we bother going to your birthday the day of your fucking birthday is because it means you’re one year closer to fucking death. I don’t mean to be morbid, but it’s the pecking order and sometimes, people and their egos deserve to be offed.

That said, I wasn’t going to bother posting every picture of every celebrity asshole at the fucking events that surrounded the Grammy’s, so I chose to only post the ones showing off their tits, because their tits are more valuable than the rest of these sluts. Most of these bitches are nobodies, I like them better than the people who think they’re somebodies…

Some chick named Dollicia Bryan and her nipple….

Monster Khloe Kardashian and Her See Through With Some Nipple Poking out Disgustingness….

Bill Mahr With His Jungle Fever…

Pregnant or Possibly Pregnant Old Lookin’ Fergie…..

Fantasia and Some Saggy Fucking Shit….

Natasha Beddingfield and Her Breast Bone Makes Me Hungry for Chicken….

Pink’s Pecs…..

Christina Milian in Her Bandage Dress, Leaving a Grammy Party… Sure, It’s Not Quite the Same Bandage She’d Need After I’m Done With Her Ass Because There’s No Hello Kitty on the Shit, But Still Hot To Me…

Bonus – Larry King’s Swining Gold Digging Whore and Her Fake Tits…

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