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Sarah Silverman Kissing a Guy of the Day

The only thing funny about Sarah Silverman is the fact that she’s managed to land a dude willing to kiss her in public for the paparazzi.

She is disgusting and there is no way she’s not paying this dude to pretend to be her boyfriend, or maybe he’s just doing it because he knows idiots everywhere think she’s God’s gift to Comedy…but either way…there is a tradeoff and this isn’t something he really wants to be doing…

I hate that people love this pig of a woman because they are told she’s funny and don’t actually have a brain of their own to realize that she’s just a really ugly chick trying to get noticed who is just fucking annoying to listen to, because if they admitted that they wouldn’t fit in with their peers, they’d be going against the cool kids and there would be no hope for them to make it in America….

See girls aren’t aren’t supposed to look like men in wigs, it’s okay to find this sick to look at and to find their jokes basic and obvious…. It’s okay to hate her for everything she represents…Sarah Silverman is not a cool thing to be into..you can stop making her money now.

Here are pics that can’t be passed of as a joke, they are too traumatic…

Pics via Bauer

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