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I am – Britney Spears Uses a Handicap Public Bathroom of the Day


Here are some pictures of Britney Spears using a public bathroom for Handicap people because no matter how big you are, literally and figuratively, you are never too important to use the bathroom, because when you gotta go, you gotta go. The big surprise in this is that there’ no toilet paper hanging out of her dress, or dragging along the ground stuck to her shoe and all I keep wondering is not whether she washed her hands, but whether she even bothered wiping….Was she the kind of girl who hovers over the seat, or the kind who doesn’t even bother putting the seat down, did she take a pee, or a poo or was it a drug stop….or was she just going in to check herself out in the mirror to make sure who wig was on proper…because keeping up appearances is one of her hobbies. I guess the real health concern in all this is that the poor fucker who uses the toilet after her, may have some serious issues in 4-8 weeks.

I hate public bathrooms, sure I have passed out in my fair share, but I would never use a public toilet, I’d rather shit myself. I don’t care what all those studies say about the impossibility of getting an STD from the shit, because I know one night while high on GHB with a group of friends in a club 10 years ago, we all got the shits. And had no choice but to go….and coincidentally every single one of us got crabs. I know do crabs even exist. they are like the mythical pubic hair creatures used as a scare tactic, but after getting them, I can safely do exist and they are fucking assholes.

Either way, here are the Britney Public Bathroom pics.

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