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This Perez Getting Punched Shit is So Retarded of the Day

I am glad Perez got punched because it led to me being on a big radio show. I am not glad that he got punched because he didn’t get killed and that means we have to listen to him cry about him and people talk about him and the whole thing is so insignificant.

I saw him acting erratic that night while Will.I.Am stayed cool the entire time and I truly feel that if someone says something offensive while getting their ugly face up into the wrong person, it’s easy to get knocked the fuck out…

I am not saying that punching someone in the face is the way I deal with shit, but I have been punched many times because I have got in the wrong person’s face, and I’ve offended that wrong person, and people sometimes have a tendency to get physical when angry, whether it is illegal or not.

I was bitch slapped fuckin’ hard 2 weeks ago for pretty much runnin’ my mouth off to some racist dude. It happens to me almost everytime I get drunk, because I am abrasive and people don’t like my jokes. I don’t press charges. I take it like a man and go home and cry about how much a failure I am cuz no one gets me.

Perez is being an unstable baby about things. He is crying and wasting Canadian tax payer’s money by pressing charges while real emergencies are going on and people are getting killed, wives beaten, kids molested, kiddie porn traded, gang wars, rape and prostitution rings created and that’s just at my apartment block, when it was really not a big deal and the only real big deal about all this is that he never got hit before, considering he is such a hateful fuckin’ rodent of a bitter person.

There is no reason that Will.I.Am or any celebrity should be talking to the annoying clown no matter how powerful his site is, he is not a real celebrity, he’s just a leech and no matter how many readers he has or how much money he makes, he’s just a fuckin’ clown, and this whole thing is gayer than Perez, I don’t like that I wrote about it again, but this picture is hysterical and I had no choice…

Here’s a video of a preacher getting punched…

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