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Jennifer Love Hewitt Doing Push Ups on Leno of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt did some pussy sit-ups on Leno last night, I guess they had some kind of bet going the last time she was on the show, that next time around she’d take her fat ass to the floor and show them how her fitness level improved, so on National TV, she was called out to do it giving all you perverts a glance down her shirt and the whole thing was disappointing, I was hoping for injury, heart attack or at least some kind of close up, but all I got was a dumpy girl doing the kind of work out that got her dumpy in the first place.

Now I’m no fitness expert, if you saw me, you’d expect me to pass out from just standing and carrying my weight, but I did spend a lot of time at the gym a few years back for about a month, it turns out if you volunteer at the Y, you get a free membership, so not only could I use the sauna and shower and shave there, so people didn’t know I was homeless, but I could also spend hours upon hours watching girls in tights very fucking closely, to the point where I’ve figured out what perfect form actually is.

I actually believe that I am the reason all girl gym’s exist, I am the reason that Curves is a multimillion dollar company, and I’ll never see a dollar of that shit, cocksuckers. Sure you can say that other guys are there to be just as perverted, to hustle chicks, to show off how strong they are to get them to notice, but none are as good at perverted as me, I’m talking standing there in my everyday clothes, not pretending to work out, following whoever I found hot enough to watch perform until being asked to leave them the fuck alone because I was distracting them, 90 percent of the time before letting me finish myself off, cunts.

I was surprised it took being caught hiding in a locker in the women’s locker room for them to ask me to never come back.

Speaking of working out, here are some pics of Haylie Duff working out because she’s too irrelevant to get a post of her own….

Here’s Miley Cyrus Talking About Pilates Like the Idiot She Is…

There’s a part two to the Miley video in her “workout” gear, forgetting she is the driver…

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