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Rachael Leigh Cook Abs in a Bikini of the Day

37 year old Josie and the Pussycats…..she’s all that….Baby Sitter Club….and I think that’s pretty much all she’s done until today…when she’s figured she must fight the instagram model – RACHEL COOK – who is stealing her NAME…(see pics below)…

And show her bikini body and middle aged abs, because when you’re in your mid 30s and your life was being the hot girl in her early 20s, is fitness….eat that vegan, do that coke, work those abs….look better than most 37 year olds….but not quite as good as the instagram model who stole your name…but still good enough for perverts like me.

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Rachael Leigh Cook Bikini on Instagram of the Day


You know what you don’t see a lot of – Rachael Leigh Cook….the 36 year old who decided to shamelessly post a picture of herself in a bikini on social media -but she made sure to take that pic on a 1990s phone – as a tribute to the last movie she was cast in – I guess…

Josie from Josie and the Pussycats – was a huge deal…in 2001…but then way…zero…now this…mom of two – one of which she shat out of her celebrity pussy just under a year and a half ago…in a bikini for all her creepy fans, who you know definitely exist and have already violated the wholesome nature of this half naked, she’s from the mid-west….so she can’t be an attention seeking whore looking for validation by showcasing that she’s not fat after babies and aging….something she really wanted you all to know…

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