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Kelly Brook Naked for Ralph Lauren of the Day

< Kelly Brook got some gig posing naked for Ralph Lauren, the downside is that she's covering her pussy with a bunch of flowers, which is a bit of a stretch because I hear her pussy hasn't got anything in common with flowers, despite what she wants people to believe, and more in common with rotting meat in the dumpster outside my butcher shop down the street. I don't know if thst's true, I just had nothing to really say about her since I know nothing about her or pictures of naked bitches with flowers, I just know that I once bought my wife roses and tried to convince her to let me fuck her with one back in the day, but only cuz I thought a "thorn in her pussy" would be a hell of a funnier expression that a "thorn in her side" and knew she needed to feel it first hand to really have conviction when dropping that line in public. Unfortunately, shit never came to fruition cuz she ruins all my fun. I have no idea what kind of drivel I am talkin' but I do know that Ralph Lauren photoshopped her pussy out, defeating the whole point in having her fucking naked to begin with, assholes.... .

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