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Fox Reality Channel Awards Brought Out the Trash of the Day

I guess reality TV is such a success because the USA is pretty fucking trashy. It is the nation of Nascar, WWF, Monster Truck and pretty much anything you can think of that involves dudes with long hair and stupid accents, big muscles and shitty tattoos in tank tops drinking pussy beer and rockin’ shitty tats of the Tazmanian devil, and their ugly bitches with teased bleached hair, shitty tit jobs and cheap revealing clothes they picked up at the sex store. It’s the reason fast food restaurants and donut shops work and I guess the reason reality TV works is because the average household income in the US is 50,000 dollars you poor, uneducated, bored lazy fucks.

Here is some of the garbage that showed up at some Reality Award events, people you helped make famous, all lookin’ pretty fucking disgusting. I posted their names, even though they don’t deserve to be named….
Adrianne Curry

Shayne Lamas

Cindy Margolis

Judy Tenuta

Gretchen Rossi

Megan Hauserman

Aubry Fisher

Gretchen Bonaduce

Kim Zolciak

Daisy dela Hoya

Pics via Fame

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