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Fox Reality Channel Awards Brought Out the Trash of the Day

I guess reality TV is such a success because the USA is pretty fucking trashy. It is the nation of Nascar, WWF, Monster Truck and pretty much anything you can think of that involves dudes with long hair and stupid accents, big muscles and shitty tattoos in tank tops drinking pussy beer and rockin’ shitty tats of the Tazmanian devil, and their ugly bitches with teased bleached hair, shitty tit jobs and cheap revealing clothes they picked up at the sex store. It’s the reason fast food restaurants and donut shops work and I guess the reason reality TV works is because the average household income in the US is 50,000 dollars you poor, uneducated, bored lazy fucks.

Here is some of the garbage that showed up at some Reality Award events, people you helped make famous, all lookin’ pretty fucking disgusting. I posted their names, even though they don’t deserve to be named….
Adrianne Curry

Shayne Lamas

Cindy Margolis

Judy Tenuta

Gretchen Rossi

Megan Hauserman

Aubry Fisher

Gretchen Bonaduce

Kim Zolciak

Daisy dela Hoya

Pics via Fame

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Some New Psycho Show Called 13: Fear is Real of the Day

I had a really messy fucking night last night. I drank far too fucking much, woke up at 2 in the afternoon and have been struggling writing this site.

I ended up going to the Lil Wayne concert, someone gave me free tickets, not any of the people I asked for free tickets like Wayne’s label, Wayne’s PR people, or the people throwing the event, but a good friend of mine who had a couple extra lying around. The guy was good, I expected the show to be more hardcore based on the riot police that were out on surveillance, but it turned out to be as gangster as a Super Sweet 16 party peppered with a few black dudes to give the party some flavor.

Maybe it’s because black dudes don’t like paying the ridiculous ticket price, maybe all the white kids beat them to it, but they should, because those who did left happy, because Wayne left every white girl horny as fuck and craving black cock so much that they hit on any black dude they can black dudes never turn down white pussy.

There was a time when hip hop shows were the scariest fucking thing. You’d walk into a dingy reggae hall, you’d be the only Mexican in the room, that was before realizing that you are probably the only Mexican in the city because Mexicans don’t like the cold. The music would be angry, the people at the show would be angry. There would be fights, stabbings, shootings, and the only pussy in the room would be random black girls who were ready to rip off your little spic dick. You’d get drunk after accepting that you probably weren’t going to come out alive and figured you’d make the best of your final moments.

Speaking of fear, here’s a the full episode of this insane show to prove that fear is real or something because I didn’t bother watching it. I guess that I am scared of everything except giving out free publicity to people who don’t pay me like CW network.

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I am – Kristine Lefebvre Playboy Pictures of the Day


Here are the Kristine Lefebvre June Playboy pics. Bitch is an Apprentice chick who probably had the time of her life on the show, because people actually gave a shit about her for once in her life, and then it all ended when the she got kicked off. She’s probably been to auditions in attempt to get into the public eye again, but nothing worked out, so she went to Playboy, who will pretty much do a spread on anyone who has been on any TV show, including that fat slut from Wilson Philips. Either way, this cry for attention and attempt at fame may just be the kick in the ass this girl needs. It did work for Pamela Anderson….

Playboy always runs after me when I post their shit, so I am not really going to bother uploading them all only to have them all taken down, not to mention I am pretty slow on stories and you have probably already seen all of these, I am just posting them in case you haven’t. I am nice like that….and these pictures are pretty fucking boring. I have seen sexier shit go down and the Old Folks home I used to work at and based on her prison tattoos, I can only assume this isn’t the first time slut’s been topless on camera before…

Apprentice Contestant Kristine Lefebvre Playboy Pics

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