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I am – Kate Walsh Bikini Pictures of the Day


I am back from a drunken 4 day weekend and ready for the hustle and by hustle I mean sitting all day after sleeping in because I don’t have an alarm only to post outdated bikini pictures of some whore I’ve never heard of named Kate Walsh in a bikini because I love bikinis more than I love pants.

The reason these pictures give me an internet boner isn’t because of the middle aged dude you’re jerking off to, weirdo, but because there something magical about how a bikini reveals every piece and fold of cardboard that makes up her box and being a fan of vagina, it’s nice to try to compare the shit to what my wifes got to offer, provided I had the

She’s a pretty tight bodied red head I’d fuck, because when I usually think red head I think carrot top red head and I’ve never bagged a redhead because I’ve always been scared of their redhead superpowers that come from being freaks of nature, kinda like retarded people. For a long time the thought of a orange bush against a pale freckled mound made me sick to my stomach. When I was in High School, it was before the internet existed and I didn’t know if fire crotch existed or if it was a myth. So I gave every redhead in the school a complex, by constantly asking them if their pubic hair was disgusting and orange. I wonder how that’s carried over into their adult relationships. I am an asshole but then again, they looked more like Carrot Top than Kate Walsh.

This post is garbage, let’s just get it over with now.

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