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Rhiannon Fish in a Bikini of the Day

Rhiannon Marie Fish is a Canadian-born Australian….”ONE OF OUR OWN”…. actress best known for her role as April Scott on Home and Away. HUH? Never met it.

Fish was born in Canada “ONE OF OUR OWN” and relocated to Australia “KANGAROO FUCK” with her family when she was four.

Her first television role was Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours….because of course it was….Neighbours is the right of passage for all Australians…whether they want to be actors or not, like the Israeli defence force…by 18 you need to join and be in at least one episode…

EVERY SINGLE Australian has been on that damn show….

I’ve never heard of Rhiannon Marie Fish…despite being “One of our own” who defected and went to somewhere else in the commonwealth…

But she’s doing bikini slutty photoshoots and that’s always exciting with any bitch…even the local girl who works at the grocery store…I’ll look at anyone and everyone half naked…


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