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Coco’s Got A Ridiculous Body of the Day

Coco’s turned her body into some kind of freakshow attraction and it’s worked out pretty well for her, you know with the whole Ice-T marriage that pretty much secures that she is seen at high profile events, making it so she doesn’t have to strip or do whatever it is she was doing before seducing Ice-T with her retarded fake tits. She looks like a fucking cartoon character in the cartoon erotica you watch because you can’t get laid, with her exagerated huge fake tits and huge fake ass, and the whole thing seems like overkill considering Ice-T is black and would probably fuck anything so long as it was white.

Either way, she brought her tacky, trashy ass to the pages of some magazine I’m sure none of you will ever read and here are the pics…

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Natasha Hamilton Performing

Natasha Hamilton is the Ginger Haired from Atomic Kitten who’s camp fire vagina makes you want to roast mashmallows instead of have sex. This is her in some pub in her hometown dressed like a jackass with a bunch of other jackasses doing some jackass performance because clearly her Atomic Kitten career hasn’t been as lucrative as she hoped and she’s trying to make ends meet. I have nothing more to say about this pictures and that’s why I decided to write John Tesh another email.

Dear John Tesh,

I wrote you yesterday, but didn’t hear back from you. I am actually pretty hurt that I went out of my way to reach out and was just ignored like a second rate citizen. I tell myself that it’s probably because you get tons of email, but I think that it’s because you have it out for me. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

I read on your site that you can get a much better sleep if you wear your socks to bed. I decided to try it out, because in my youth I used to sleep with a condom on to protect my goods in the dirty sheets I would sleep on. It didn’t help much mainly because it constantly slipped off due to my lack of girth.

I mentioned yesterday that I am pretty poor so I don’t own any socks, but figured I’d try using plastic bags that I got a few weeks ago while collecting cans out of the garbage on the side of the street. The sound of their ruffling kept me up, despite being completely inebriated and I woke up with a pretty disgusting rash. Since I don’t have medical insurance, I figured I’d reach out to you, since you got me in this mess in the first place, and ask if you have any advice to make it go away. Do you think it is just an allergic reaction or could it be something more serious that I caught from wearing dirty bags like the Flesh Eating Disease, Lupus or even Aids.

I hope you can find the time in your busy schedule to get back to me on this,

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

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