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Riley Steele Booty at a Movie Premiere of the Day

I know it is hard to take a pornstar seriously…especially when she is at a red carpet event…for exactly the caliber movie you’d expect her to be in…or at least associated with cuz she was cast and killed off in the first one….especially knowing a simple google search will lead you to COUNTLESS CLIPS OF HER GETTING FUCKED …but the truth is I like her story…just an everyday 19 year old stripper at the porn awards with her boyfriend recruited by Jesse Jane….only to become one of the hotter pornstars….just like that, dreams do come true, and now she’s a big old movie star….or not….but I’ve seen her in person…she’s tweeted me…and as far as I’m concerned that means we’ve pretty much had sex…

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Kelly Brook Hangs With Riley Steele of the Day

Pornstar Riley Steele is in some mainstream movie called Piranha 3-D with Kelly Brooke, which proves, yet again, that fucking on camera, is not a career killer, despite what every girl I try seducing into sending me sexy videos thinks.

Riley’s probably one of the better looking girls in porn and I heard somewhere that she was recruited into porn by Jesse Jane when in line at some in store signing Riley went to with a boyfriend.

Jesse Jane stole her away from her normal life and brought her into a life of porn, like anyone who is lookin’ out for your best interests would, leaving her homeboy in the fuckin’ dust, forcing him to jerk off to her on video but giving him the bragging rights that he once dated this cunt before she was getting paid to fuck, that lead to her getting paid to be in Mainstream, you know before she was rich and famous.

Here she is hanging with Kelly Brook….lookin like the cheesy porn chick that she is…

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