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Karolina Kurkova Hits Rock Bottom of the Day

Karolina Kurkova, the fat Victoria Secret Model, who was almost fired because she liked cake but pretended it was hormonal like most fat people, like my wife, who at 300 pounds won’t fucking admit that fact that she eats more food than a small family and the food she eats is fucking disgusting shit while sitting all fucking day complaining about how hot it is as she dies too slow, miserable and drawn out cuz she’s hates me more than she hates herself and believes suicide has to be irritating for all of us, has officially hit rock bottom. You see, the second you are in on a photo-op with a useless prostitute of a woman like Victoria Silvstedt, who managed to get into the event only becuase she sells her pussy to a midget billionaire, and not because she was at one time in Playboy, is the second you should pack your bags and move back to Eastern Europe.

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Pornstar Chasey Lain Hits Rock Bottom of the Day

It was a great shock when I opened my email and found this insane video of Chasey Lain at some porn shoot recently totally off of her game, cracked the fuck out of her mind and lookin’ ragged as hell. She fights with the producer, brags about her Rolls Royce and freaks out when she can’t find her crack after getting fired from the job for being a fuckin’ spaced out crack head.

I mean I always thought that pornostars were well put together professional girls, who just know how to use their pussies to make them money and shit’s strictly a matter of business, I never thought that pornostars were from broken homes, of poverty, molestation, alcohol and drug addiction, physical abuse and all the good things that makes a woman fuck on camera for money.

I think along with nudity, fake tits, live sex…seeing pornostars jacked on drugs or smokin’ crack comes with the territory as 10 men cum on their faces. It’s the easiest way to live with yourself by slowly killing yourself because you realize now that you’re a hasbeen whore and that you’ve made your money, you’re still hurting on the inside because you realize you degraded yourself all these years and the glory and fame wasn’t worth it because now you’re forced to fuck your fans, who still aren’t over you from the 90s for money to maintain your lifestyle…and when talent start fuckin’ their fans you know a drug overdose isn’t too far away.

Watch the video, lives falling apart at the seams is funny, especially when it happens to whores!!

Here’s Party Number 2

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