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Instagram Model Rocky Barnes Naked for David Bellemere and Treats! of the Day


Rocky Barnes is some fake blogger, instagram model, who converted Jewish to marry some rich guy she’s recently divorced and has moved onto another rich guys, because that’s the basis of being an instagram model, you go for the gold, because you don’t want an actual job, and luckily because you have followers, even when you’re average looking, just willing to take cheesy photoshoots of yourself, like a aspiring popstar recording an album on her lap top, you know easy to market, use your ass to market, flimsy content…I’m talking college grade photoshoot projects for photography class caliber…can do it enough that the marketers care…that the marketers say “we can pay her 10k and get on her instagram page, yay”…

Stupid fucking marketers, anyone with a brain knows this is a no body, no good, sugar baby, with an instagram account…stop feeding into this bullshit..

That said, TREATS the magazine that debatably put Emily Ratcow on the map, is using more instagram models in their 10th issue to get more followers.

They also used David Bellemere, the french Erotic photographer who shoots for Playboy and pretty much everything, including Victoria’s Secret because he’s good and they are trying to rebrand…

There was an era where a girl would make 20 to 100k to get naked for Playboy, but I guess social media and eager to be famous girls screwed that up by doing it for free…..

Either way, TREATS is producing solid photos, maybe a little boring to someone like me who sees this shit daily, but still solid…so I’m not hating…it’s just boring..

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Kesler Tran for For Love and Lemons of the Day


Kesler Tran is one of the more interesting photographers coming out of LA, not that he’s from LA, but he consistently shoots with every single instagram model, making him an instagram photographer, until, one day that instagram photographer goes viral because he’s shot enough of these instagram models, and becomes the next Helmut Newton or Avedon or whoever the most important photographer since the dawn of photography was…because that’s how the internet works and I guess I shouldn’t hate these hustle as much as I do…because it’s just pictures and getting mad at pictures for being the same as all other pictures and not inspiring in anyway…oh great girl in lingerie in field with soft focus and light flare to look like film, or if he’s real hip actually film…fuck off…

It’s all a fucking scam, but I guess…everything is..in fame whoring, and celebrity….the real talent is usually the tormented soul busking on street corners because they are so genius they can’t adapt to success…because success is usually a direct representation of not art…even though art doesn’t exist it’s a scam…unless you think an instagram filter is art…which apparently every asshole I follow on instagram does…

The models are Jessica Morrow and Rocky Barnes….who have no nipples..because love and lemons is progressive and like erasing nipples…

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