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Romy Reiner Tits of the Day

Romy Reiner Tits

If you know me, and you don’t….but you can pretend you do, since you come here for the tits and may accidentally read some of the nonsense I write, despite not being a writer, or a comic…just an asshole….

But if you know me, then you know my favorite people, the ones I celebrate and praise, the ones who have the most interesting lives….are Celebrity kids.

I don’t know why I think they are the best breed or subculture or genre of person…

So here is a hot new celeb kid, Romy Reiner, who has awesome tits and posts bikini pics to her 4000 followers cuz she hasn’t gone viral yet…and that alone is hot.

You know, born rich and connected, respected solely based on her dad….who has done SO fucking much from being Meathead on All in the Family, to directing countless classic movies, and producing even more from Castlerock entertainment…then there’s her comedic legend grandfather, who I used to follow on Twitter and who I’ve read the biography of…Carl Reiner…like so much history in the sperm that made her….so that even if she’s an entitled cunt, it’s warranted and justified….

And the best thing in all this is that she’s not Penny Marshall’s kid….you know cuz she was Rob Reiner’s first wife and if you’ve seen Laverne and Shirley or really any Penny Marshall movies you’ll know her kid wouldn’t be looking hot like this…probably cuz Penny was 60 when this one was born….RIP Penny…Hello Romy.

Romy Reiner Tits


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