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Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett Sex of the Day


There is some lesbian movie called Carol, where Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett fuck. I like to call movies like this “the play for an Oscar”…because all things lesbian or gender fluid or tranny is very in. It’s the modern “retard” roll….I guess….only all girls are Lesbians, so it makes for great content, even though lesbians are the fucking worst always angry, never cool, and obsessed with dick…even the other day, a Lesbian was working a lesbian coffee shop I accidentally walked into and the lesbian drew a dick on the JAVA ART with the foam, making a comment like “I drew a dick, look it’s a dick”….in an “Oh my god I need dick” kind of way….Lesbians..

Either way here are some of the screenshots of the old granny on younger probably not as lesbian, or I guess it could work both ways, you lesbian recruits old lonely lady, or old lesbian manipulates young girl into lesbian sex, either way – lesbian sex.

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Catherine Zeta Jones and Rooney Mara’s Lesbian Kiss of the Day

This clip is from a movie called Side Effects, that Rooney Mara gets naked in ….but that more importantly…Catherine Zeta Jones tongues.

It may be acting, but I believe their pussies are dripping while shooting this, it makes it better that way. You know, all crazy bi-polar chicks are sexual deviants…it’s all part of their insanity…which is why if you ever get a chance to fuck a bi-polar, do it, it is a lot of fucking fun…even if you may fear your life at times dealing with their crazy….Schizo’s are pretty fun too, it’s like an orgy, multiple people in the body of one person, that sometimes starts out normal, moves onto baby voices, turns into a sexual porn chick dirty talker, and ends up crying like an abused puppy, all in the span of 15 minutes. Fun.

Either way, I guess this was the natural progression for Zeta Jones, you know since she is married to ELLEN….

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Rooney Mara’s Showing Off Little Tit of the Day

I personally prefer watching her getting raped…not raped in general….raped in a movie…which isn’t raped at all…it’s called making millions and being propelled into the mainstream faster than any acting job can…..and it’s not that I have a rape fetish…or appreciate the passion of rape…it’s that I like seeing a bitch naked better than a bitch showing cleavage…not to mention the RAPE SCENE ISN’T EVEN GOOD ….

I’m always taken out of context, just yesterday I wrote that two girls threw a snowball at me while I was walking by, and laughed in my face, like I’m some kind of joke, so I called my pedophile friend and gave him their address, to teach them who’s got the last laugh now…..people got mad even though obviously….I don’t have pedophile friends….and was just making a joke….idiots…

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