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Some Bitches in Some International Film Titty of the Day

Their names are: Juno Temple, Haley Bennett, Roxeanne Mesquida and Christine Nguyen. I have never heard of any of them cuz they are foreign…

The movie called Kaboom. I have never heard of it….cuz it is foreign….

So think of this as your injection of culture…you know the kind of shit you can use on an internet date in second life…to make the bitch think you know what’s up…a little “Juno Temple was riveting in Kaboom”, kinda shit….

But apparently it’s out on DVD May 31, 2011, so that makes these nudes some kind of exclusive, if you knew who any of these bitches were or if you were kicking yourself cuz you missed the shit when it was in your arthouse theater…right…..

I just IMDBed the shit, it’s a Gregg Araki movie…I guess it’s not the foreign after all… he is responsible for Rose McGowan’s tits in Doom Generation – a cinematic hall of fame moment – he is also japanese…here are the clips anyway….watch them for Japan…

Haley Bennett

Roxeanne Mesquida,

Haley Bennett and Roxeanne Mesquida,

Juno Temple

Christine Nguyen



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