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Rozyln Papa Needs More Love of the Day

In response to all the emails that have been coming in about these pictures, I just wanted to make it clear once and for all that this is not a picture of me creeping on this bitch you’ve never heard of. See, I generally don’t leave my couch and I sure as hell don’t wear a leather jacket or look this clean….and the truth is that no one emailed me asking me if these pictures were of me, I just like to pretend I am that important and that hot chicks with fat tits and fat asses are banding together to hunt me down…we’re all allowed to dream….

Her name is Rozyln Papa, she’s fucking hot, she’s got nice tits and she was kicked off the bachelor after the second week, proving her dream to get noticed and establish a real career like all the bachelor contestants before her just didn’t play out as well as she had charted, but I think she needs another chance, ideally in a low level movie that has a lot of nude scenes…like a porno.

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