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Sabine Jemeljanova Titty Model Who’s Belly Caught Up with her Titties of the Day


Sabine Jemeljanova is some UK Glamour model, which is an instagram model before instagram, when these possible hookers, probably hookers, girls with big tits, figured if they got “published’ they could have credibility and find themselves sports people in the UK, or attend all the important events in LA, because they were deemed the hot, trashy harlots…

Well, with all natural tits I’ve seen or known in life, the bigger they are…the bigger the girl’s ass becomes when her metabolism slows down, and the bigger her gut becomes, because it’s just normal and lucky for them – that they start their obesity with their tits, because that window of pre-fat is the time to fucking shine, as they did….so this isn’t a “Look at a low level titty model gone fat”…it’s a “look at a fat chick who monetized pre-fat because she knew she was genetically predisposed to this….clever little Eastern European…they have it all figured out…just ask Irina Shayk…

Point of the story – girls always grow into their tits – and more importantly – it’s the era of the plus sized model – where this kind of body is still deemed hot…so show it off for pervs to stare….

Here is her pre-obesity….titty modelling…where you can tell she was bound to be a fat chick…

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Cheesy Glamour Model Shoot of the Day

Her name is Sabine Jemeljanova and she was some UK Glamour model who got a lot of love for showing her tits in magazines for probably very little money, but the perks were that she got paid to go to events or more importantly, that she got to meet rich men who would pay her for dates…all in hopes that it would lead to better things…all while being better than being a stripper…only to end up being paid 500 bucks to do Latex fetish modelling in some of the cheesiest fucking pics ever….but you know…tits are tits and a girl willing to show her tits shouldn’t be discriminated against or alienated by how low level her titty campaign is…

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Rosie Jones and Sabine Jemeljanova Topless for Page 3 of the Day

Rosie Jones and Sabine Jemeljanova are topless models, who I guess are getting too famous for their own good, because their topless modelling is still topless, but more strategic and without nipples, like they were Angelina Jolie.

It is like the Safe For Work, candy-coated topless that isn’t even topless even though it is topless, that is normally reserved for girls who don’t get topless, but instead is being used with topless models who only exist from being topless.

The whole thing feels like a spit in the face, like when you friend a stripper, who refuses to strip for you when you’re hanging out, even though that is her job, acting like it is above her, even though she’s a fucking stripper…

Either way, whatever this is Page 3, it is a fail….

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Glamour Models Take on i-D Magazine of the Day

This is pretty major for these UK Glamour models.

Girls who I always tease for not being actual models. You know just low hanging fruit that is built up to think it is hot, when really it only matters cuz it is topless.

Not that I have anything against girls who make it, or who are making money off their tits, in fact I love it.

I wish more average at best looking girls were broken enough to be doin it, because taking the traditional career route is just stupid, when you can get paid for your tits…

Historically all dudes want from you is to see your tits and lust after you, so use your vagina, it’s a far more marketable skill than a college degree.

That said, these Glamour Models are featured in some mainstream fashion site, topless, sure, that’s their move, but this is it…they can now say they are official models….and not some low grade shit…

Good times. Congrats.

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Sabine Jemeljanova Tits for Page 3 of the Day

Sabine Jemeljanova is some UK Glamour model from Latvia, who I can only assume moved the the UK to work as a stripper or prostitute, because the big city she left Latvia for, “to learn english” according to her wikipedia page, that we all know is code for “to suck dick to pay my rent cuz I have huge tits I am not scared to show off” because it is a means to survive that landed her gigs in big LAD MAGS and Page 3.

That’s the key difference between local busty girls willing to show their tits for money, and those from other countries, you see the locals have daddy issues, while the immigrants are just trying to make money to send back to daddy, making her a better quality person with better work ethic than the lazy British tits we’re used to. I can tell by her nipples. I’m a nipple reader.

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Sabine Jemeljanova For Loaded Magazine of the Day

Sabine Jemeljanova is lovely, classy girl with a bright future ahead of her…I hear she’s in her final year of her Doctorate…and that she plans on changing the fucking world….to make it a better place…and that she’s just using this nude modeling shit….to make the masturbation fantasies of a bunch of UK old pervs who still buy magazines….a better place….to finance her education…and thus her career…for a better tomorrow…and by doctorate…I mean high school drop out who realized “shit, I have tits, and they make me money, fun, where’s the VIP room?”….cuz these Glamour models are nothing more than strippers…and that’s what I like about them…what I don’t like about them is that they don’t dive into porn and fuck on camera…cuz they think they are above it…when really…they are doing exactly the same fucking thing as pornstars….fame the easy way…

Who cares, look at her tits…

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Sabine Jemeljanova Topless and Amazing for NUTS of the Day

These are not new pictures of Latvian Sabine Jemeljanova who moved to the UK to learn English, but instead managed to become a Glamour Model for NUTS and Loaded, which was better than her other option of stripping, you know with great tits and broken english, options are limited, and thank god for that, cuz she’s fucking hot, something I never normally say about these low level Glam models, even though I embrace and appreciate all they represent and all they’ve done to not become cashiers at Walmart….

Here are a bunch of her pics, all of which are amazing.

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Sabine Jemeljanova and Rhian Sugden for their 2013 Calendar of the Day

Glamour Models aren’t all bad….cuz they get topless and most of the time they have rockin’ fuckng tits….to compensate for their average looking faces that are usually the reason they aren’t actual models….but are still getting paid to be in pictures….which is better than most whores who don’t embrace being whores….

I have no choice but to love that they brand stripper looking bitch, willing to do softcore porn shoots, but not show pussy, as Glamor Modeling, like it is a fucking thing…that’s like calling strippers exotic dancers…or prostitutes escorts…..but as someone who endorses any girl to be a professional slut…I love that it works…

Here are Sabine and Rhian for a Calendar shoot….

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Sabine Jemeljanova and Ellis Cooper for Loaded August 2012 of the Day

Sabine Jemeljanova and Ellis Cooper are a couple non-celebrity, decent looking bitches, who are even more decent cuz they are willing to get naked for Loaded Magazine, who probably pay them very little but who give them a stamp of approval that allows them to take their career to the next level, or more likely that will allow them to cut the line at night clubs, or even get paid to host parties, cuz that’s really all they were looking for out of life, and it sure beats being a stripper…I like this hustle….it is pretty much amazing….


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