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Sarah DeAnna in Lingerie of the Day


So many models, impossible to keep up…her name is…Sarah DeAnna…I like her..even though she’s obnoxious and wrote a book called “Supermodel YOU”

Supermodel YOU sounds about as pretentious, or obnoxious, as it can possibly be…

From her site:

Definition of Supermodel YOU

Su·per – adjective \?sü-p?r\: Superior. Best. Superb. Outstanding. Exceptional.

Mod·el – noun \?mä-d?l\: A three-dimensional representation of a person or thing, to show the construction or appearance of something. Prototype. Design. Representation.


Description: Aligning with a “super” model version of you to channel your higher self.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a supermodel? To feel confident, beautiful, and empowered?

That’s what Supermodel YOU is all about. International model Sarah DeAnna teaches you the shockingly healthy habits that models use to maximize their amazing bodies, iconic faces, and confident attitudes. You’ll learn the Five Keys to channeling your inner supermodel as you discover how models really eat, dress, exercise, sleep, de-stress, travel, and stay gorgeous no matter what. As you adopt a supermodel mind-set, life will get easier, more glamorous, sexier, and a lot more fun.

Leave it up to a low level model to try to push her “super model” nonsense onto other people, even though she’s not even a supermodel, but if you write like you are one, or pretend that you are one, it’s only natural that maybe the world will follow..and why wouldn’t they, this book was sold in EQUINOX gyms…

But the good news is, along with a silly superficial book about how models stay skinny, so anti everything people pretend to be into today, which is awesome…while everyone is actually trying to be an instagram model…

The better news is that she models in her underwear and looks good..

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