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Sarah Ferguson’s Upskirt of the Day

Sarah Furgeuson upskirt

I am getting old and clunky in my “reporting” which makes sense because all this shit bores me and after 40,000 posts no one cares about over the last 14 years, I am pretty much beat up and broken down…a lot like Fergie’s (the real Fergie, the Fergie Fergie Took her name from Fergie) vagina…that she’s so generously kept covered up in this weird panty flash that happened last week and that I slept on…even though I know the UK Royal Family is the answer to tabloid fodder..maybe it’d be my big break if the Daily Mail didn’t post it 3 seconds after it happened by one of their interns they have on 24 hour a day call…right…right…

Well, she was married to Queen Elizabeth’s son that wasn’t Charles…and now she’s out flashing panties for the paparazzi…I guess not on the Queen’s bad side…a better place to be than Princess Diana…who had a different relationship with the paparazzi who fucking killed her…not just her dignity…by releasing whatever the fuck this is…

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