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Max Mosley’s Nazi Sex Tape with 5 Hookers of the Day

I know this hit the internet yesterday but figured I’d post it because I feel the same way as Mosley in his fetish sex video with 5 hookers reenacting the Nazi regime because he’s obviously got some serious fuckin sexual issues and even if you thought Schindlers List was porn because there was a naked emaciated women in it, you don’t live that shit out with hookers like some kind of weirdo.

My site’s been hacked for the fourth time this month and I haven’t been able to access it all morning, at by morning I mean since noon because I am a slob and sleep in, but I’ve come to a point where everything that can go wrong with the site has gone wrong so I am not very phased by being hacked, it’s become expected and part of doing the site.

Reality is that I appreciated the post because I didn’t have anything lined up for the morning and it made for some good content. I am happy he didn’t delete any of my archives because if he did, I probably would have given up the site. I am weak like that and feel more like a donkey lugging it’s last load up a mountain before having a heart attack than a donkey lugging it’s first load up the mountain. I realize that analogy sucked but you get what I am saying, what I hope you don’t get is off to this video because it’s about as hot as the rash on your dick from all the masturbating you’ve done this week.

Either way, I feel like a whore involuntarily letting men inside my most sacred place, but not minding it so much when they are there because it makes me feel wanted and loved. I am glad the H4X0R didn’t delete anything and was just showing me that he could delete shit, that was pretty good of him because I would have totally redirected the site to a gay porn site or something funnier than that because I know gay porn is kinda your thing.

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