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Disney Stars Make Pedophiles Happy with their Webcam of the Day

I always randomly end up on sites or get sent photobucket albums of creeps who scour the internet for videos of 15 year old girls dancing and acting like 15 year old girls and shit’s fuckin creepy. I have reported many Youtube accounts to the FBI and to Youtube because sometimes their “favorite” videos are way too fucking inapproriate. I guess I’m an asshole like that, but I just believe a girl should be naked on the internet unless she’s 18, naked in my bed while I don’t ask for ID proof of her age because who needs to ruin a good thing with the sad fucking truth, at the back of my mind know that meeting her at a 15th birthday party at the McDonald’s playroom and the whole school girl outfit she is wearing is probably a solid giveaway but who I am to make those kinds of judgements, who says she’s not 18.

It’s legal in Canada but wrong in internet video so I wonder why Disney released this video of them dancing around like the videos so many perverts watch, oh right, cuz they sexualize these girls and turn them into sluts by 14, I forgot, it’s all part of their business plans and their parents sold their souls by signing the dotted fucking line….

Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t end with a dick in any of their orifices.

On a side note, I wonder if they licensed all these songs, or if they are illegal downloads. If they aren’t paying royalties on this shit, someone needs to arrest these motherfuckers.

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