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Michelle Trachtenberg Takes Herself Too Seriously of the Day

So I have this dude I don’t know on Facebook and I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that I won’t have this dude on my Facebook much longer because I took his pictures and put them up here, but I pretty much had no choice because they were too funny to ignore.

I don’t know much about this dude, other than the fact that he is friends with Lydia Hearst and Michelle Trachtenberg and they were recently at a birthday party, where he decided to wipe out all of Michelle Trachtenberg’s face in all of the pics of her.

It’s like this bitch thinks she’s so fucking important that when a dude takes pics of her, she makes dude promise not to do anything with them, I am wondering if it’s for fear of ruining her career because going out for dinner and having a cocktail while your bra is exposed is really fuckin’ scandalous when you are boring as fuck.

We get it, she has creepy fans and she doesn’t like to be out in the limelight, but we kinda realized that a long time ago when she couldn’t land much work after her stint on Buffy, making her barely relevant to the world now, but for some reason I guess she likes to think she is more important than she is and is hoping that by telling people they can’t upload her pics that maybe they’ll start believing her propaganda too, and treat her like she’s special. It’s like the time I told this chick repeatedly how small my penis was until she demanded to see it because she didn’t believe any penis could be that small, but I made a believer out of her pretty fast.

I don’t know who the fuck Michelle Trachtenberg thinks she is, some kind of Princess Diana Royal Family or some shit, but in case she didn’t get the memo, Princess Diana is dead.

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