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Charlize Theron’s Sex Eyes Still Look Hot of the Day

I love Charlize Theron. Even when she plays white trash serial killer I can still get off to her, not that I’ve got off to anyone in the last few years, but the memories are pretty fucking fond. If I knew fucking my wife at her fattest would have given me post traumatic stress making me unable to fuck anymore, I probably would have played things out a little differently, but the good news is that this new found pent up sexual energy has made me one of the biggest perverts on the internet, the kind of guy who can look at pictures of a hot South African slut who’s probably pushing 40 posing on a red carpet and visualize a bitch on her bed masturbating thanks to her facial expressions, and that’s some serious fucking issues, probably comparable to some of you virgins who think you are dating celebrities cuz you found a picture of them winking at the camera and you’re desperation makes you delusional and think she’s winking at you….

I guess all this is to say, we’re all in the same boat and that boat is not anywhere near the pussy we’d like to Dora the Explorer.

Pics via Fame

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Amy Winehouse Makes Sex Faces of the Day

Here are some pictures of Amy Winehouse showing off a quarter tit and she’s making some serious sex faces, but then again, Amy Winehouse is always making sex faces, and as long as she doesn’t chew off her face in some kind of her drug binge, will always have sex faces, because her face is the embodiment of sex. You see, I have a thing for rotting pussy, it’s kinda all I know, so whenever it comes along whether in video, in picture, or on the street corner willing to suck me off for a couple bucks because the vagina is out of order or closed for renovations as the scabies, herpes and other fungal infections clear up, my clit shaped penis gets moist and starts tap dancing…so Amy Winehouse is a nice change from all the plastic pussy in Hollywood, cuz as I’m sure you know, plastic pussy makes you feel pathetic and alone….w

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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I am – Hayden Panettiere Getting Out of Cars of the Day


Here’s a little Hayden Panettiere action because she’s so popular with the boys right now. i am not really sure why because she looks like a treasure troll that let his hair down, but I guess 18 year olds with dumpy asses, massive heads, stumpy legs and who are barely 5 feet tall are the new 18 year olds with hot asses and a well-proportioned bodies.

I think the reason guys fantasize about her is because they know she plays the classier, more innocent role and deep down inside there’s a slut dying to come out that she saves for the bedroom because her public image is so fucking important to her. I realized many years ago that the girls who wore the tight, low-cut dresses and who would do sexually suggestive things like talk about how they like to fuck or how they like to fuck were just cock teases. They got off on the idea of guys getting off to thinking about them sexually. That was their penetration. They didn’t actually care to fuck and when they got in the bedroom, they just kinda laid there and took it, like they didn’t need to do any work because they were so desirable and they were doing you a favor by just letting you get up in them. Which is probably the case for every girl you’ve ever bagged. But the sexually repressed asian or Jesus lover jumps you as soon as the door closes behind you and rides you like you only have 2 minutes to get ‘er done, which for many of you is probably the case. The sexually repressed chicks are the ones that just think about fucking all the fucking time and don’t talk about it or flaunt it but bottle shit up so that the second they are naked those fuckers turn into some kind of crazy.

Either way, I was just in a store and saw some trashy slutty girl in a mini skirt and thigh highs, rockin’ patent leather white boots and some kind of halter top. Her blond hair was in pigtails and she looked like a pornstar. She kept playing with her tongue ring and every motherfucker in the place, who probably had washed up, dull, normal dressing wives and girlfriends at home was staring at her like they just came themselves. Sure her tits busted out of her bra with nipples harder than nipples are supposed to get, and her body was tight, but I knew what she was all about and I knew that she thought she was this really hot piece of ass that all the dudes loved, without realizing that dudes just love lookin at sluts.

At one point she looked at me and I laughed to myself because I got her game. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips making sure I saw the tongue ring she was packing. What she didn’t realize is that I hate tongue rings and I don’t understand the deal with them and why washed up whores think they are hot and stick it out and play with it. I don’t think a tongue ring ever meant that a girl loved suckin’ dick, when I see a tongue ring I don’t think how awesome it will feel on my dick. I have had tongue ring blowjobs and the girls couldn’t suck dick for the life of them, even with a blowjob accessory shit didn’t finish me off, but every dude who saw her probably thought she could and I am sure she thought she could suck dick too and played that off like it’s 1990 when tongue rings were invented, crying for men to think of her as dick sucking whores, because it probably gets them into clubs or at least free drinks when in clubs, which is the measure of a slut’s ability to be the girl dudes want to get drunk and bring home to fuck em and give em a fake number then leave em…because their real girlfriends who can carry a conversation and are cool and normal actually know how to fuck wouldn’t approve of this union if they ever found out about it. Life as a slut is a sad lonely place because no one ever wants to marry them, they just pass that vagina around hoping and wishing that one day they’d get a good guy who legitimately is into them….unfortuantely her exposed g-string, kinda puts a damper on that dream.

Here are those Hayden pics because we all know she’s a dirty slut behind all the bullshit that is her career.

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