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Miley Cyrus Does Sex in the City With Kim Cattrall of the Day

Here’s something the mom I saw getting out of her Mercedes SUV in her Uggs, leggings and Juicy couture jacket with her 6 year old will totally get a kick out of, you know since Sex and the City is her masturbation material, inspiration and reason why she married a rich older man, and since she’s clearly trying to hang onto her youth and probably get excited about Miley Cyrus with the kids in her son’s class.

If you read the site you know how I feel about how this show has single handedly turned women in their 20s into gay men, because shit was written by a gay man and women were drawn to the luxurious lifestyles they live, which is cool for gay people, but fucks up the morals and values of women, leaving them lot washed up, infertile, alone and old all because society and your uterus isn’t designed to be a slutty whore with no self respect who somehow though fucking the world, having a career and all that was empowering.

That said, here is Miley and her Den Mother Kim Cattrall in the same outfit in front of some product placement, since all movies are just ads now, in the new Sex and the City Movie, despite the women in the movie being too old for both sex and the city…

I guess this joke works well for chicks, but as a dude, all I wish is that they were both naked so I could rate how life takes it’s toll on a pussy, before fulfilling one of my mother / daughter fantasies all over both their faces.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lydia Hearst’s Personal Sex in the City After Party Pics of the Day

I like to hate on Sex in the City as much as I can because I think it does bad thing to women as a species, but what I didn’t mention was the good things that it does to a woman as an individual and that is that it makes her horny and someone who puts out because the show programs them to think shit’s empowering. I remember being sucked into a Sex in the City party at some chick’s house about 10 years ago. I remember drinking beer while the host of the party made her fancy cocktails for her and her friends. By the end of the marathon, we were the only 2 people left at the party because there was still booze and I don’t leave a party until the last drop is consumed. Either way, the first chance bitch had, she jumped me like I was some successful, well dressed motherfucker, when in reality, I was just the only cock in the room. I ended up having unprotected sex with her where she asked me to finish on her face, and that is the shit that only comes when a girl watches sluts in Sex in the City and not sluts in porn. So if you’re a dude wanting to get laid, you gotta throw some Sex in the City parties, the only downside to that is that all the girls you invite will think you’re gay, but if you play it right, that non-threatening stance is key to having unprotected sex where she asks you to cum in her face.

Here are some pictures I stole from Facebook of Lydia Hearst at the Sex in the City Premiere afterparty and she may not fully be slutting out, but she definitely is giving us a whole lot of tongue and I hear that tongue is the gateway to unprotected sex that ends with you cumming on the sluts face.

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