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Shantel VanSanten Naked of the Day

Shantel VanSanten Naked

Shantel VanSanten is some model and actor who is 33 and looks 33, but that doesn’t stop her from posting bikini pics for her pervert fans to jack off to, cuz all these girls get off on people jerking off to them….and I guess drawing as much attention to themselves as they possibly can.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted on her, which is surprising since I’ve been at this shit for so long…

I do have access to IMDB where I discover all kinds of new and amazing things…like that she was on CW teen drama series One Tree Hill….

I knew people who were very into One Tree Hill when it was on TV, those people were comicon virgin loser types who would have been beat up if they were born a decade earlier but would have been praised if they were born two decades later…since nerd shit is popular thanks to the internet…but back then…nerd shit was just sad and lonely and weird….people so depressing, who found pleasure in shitty shows and the women who were on those shitty shows, instead of suicide.

Shantel VanSanten Naked


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Shantel VanSanten Nude in the Bathtub for Instagram of the day

Shantel VanSanten Erotica 4

Shantel VanSanten has BEEN slutty…but that’s not saying much, we live in a world where women, who only 100 years ago weren’t allowed to vote, possibly for a reason, have now been giving phones and computers and jobs and money and the ability to earn and work freely, taking them out of their kitchen and homemaker role, even though being a homemaker is a great and rewarding job, raising a family is the real life purpose, but capitalism has destracted people from that, except maybe the instagram sluts like Shantel VanSanten, who realize if they get enough followers, they’ll never need to work like women of the last decades trying to prove themselves, they cna just find a rich daddy to care for them, so their irrational brains start snapping off nudes for social media since it’s trendy and gets them followers and rich boyfriends and we all get to benefit from it…like the winners we clearly aren’t…

Shantel VanSanten Erotica


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Shantel VanSanten in a Bikini of the Day

I had never heard of Shantel VanSanten before seeing her ass in a bikini…so I decided to google her and discovered why I saw her shit on the nerd celebrity fetish forums…and that is because she played Quinn James in the CW teen drama series One Tree Hill….

Now I’ve never seen One Tree Hill, but I have known virgin loser socially awkward internet people who have…it was one of those shows like Buffy the Vampire, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls….that nerds fucking love…I have never seen any of those shows but I know the fanboys love that shit…comiccon style content…

So clearly…she’s got a fanbase thanks to that…you fucking nerds are loyal, even though these women don’t give a fuck about you, they are just MANIPULATING you.

Shantel VanSanten is 32 now…but in a thong…inappropriate maybe…but you fucking love it…


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