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Audrina Patridge’s Legs Look Better Photoshopped of the Day

Audrina was in a Bikini for FHM and I went off about how this was her calling. She had the fake tits, she wasn’t at and all she needed was a little fucking photoshop to clean her up a little so that she doesn’t look like the retarded pig she looks like on TV, Video or pictures. It just takes a little smoke and mirrors that make someone so irritating and average looking finally worth jerking off to…but instead she didn’t lock herself away until the next photoshoot, she’s decided to walk around in a pair of little shorts, I guess in efforts to remind us that she isn’t a bikini model and she’s not all that and actually has short shitty legs and a long torso, not to sound too picky, I just can’t seem to see past girls who look retarded shit and in my defense, no one calls you too picky when you notice the amputee is a fucking amputee even though you still tried to bring home because she was easy….you see cuz I notice the shit doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try to get the shit pregnant….if you know what I mean…

Pics via Fame

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