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Some Shop Naked Publicity Stunt in the UK of the Day

Here’s a publicity stunt that I like to think I invented, or at least tried pulling off when I was a stock clerk at a Pharmacy, only was far less successful than these motherfuckers.

What you see in the pictures is some bullshit store offering the first 100 customers who show up naked, or half naked because we can’t be smut peddlers as the Christians will judge and never shop here again, a couple hundred dollars to get a crowd and some buzz.

What I used to do was tell various girls I met that if they let me go down on them, or suck their tits, or jerk off on their faces, I’d steal methodone or whatever other prescription drug they were addicted to, and word got around quick and you’d be surprised what kind of turn out I got, unfortunately, none were worth touching, but I got addicted to my new level of fame and was never one to turn down titties in my face….

I guess this just proves the fact that all girls are whores so whether you’re the the guy with the drugs, or the guy with the money, you’re going to have a decent amount of pussy being thrown your way.

Here are those pics.

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