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Tila Tequila is Still a Fucking Joke of the Day

I am not really sure why Tila Tequila hassn’t killed herself officially yet….because I know that most people who fall as hard as she did into insanity probably would, but then again everytime I leave my house I come across insane homless people screaming at people, or screaming at their own reflections in the mirror, reminding me that despite suicide being the logical choice, crazy people don’t always make logical choices….

I guess it’s got something to do with her not wanting to die just because her career is, and figures that even if she can’t land another TV show, and from here on out it’ll be bottom feeding projects and bottom feeding publicity stunts, she might as well try because it gives her something to do and really her first stab at fame came with little effort, maybe miracles strike twice…and as long as she’s doing it with her half naked dwarf body exposed, I’ll still watch and laugh at the trainwreck, but would really prefer if she was doing it with two fingers in her vagina at all times….cuz fake tit cleavage in a dress is not very innovative these days….it’s time for her to get with the fucking program…

Pics via Fame

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Jenna Jameson Bikini to Follow-Up her Publicity Stunt of the Day

For those of you who jerk off to pornstars but don’t worry about what pornstars do in their personal life, you may not have heard that Tito Ortiz “Beat the Fuck” out of Jenna Jameson, even though I based on her pussy, the Fuck Beat the Hell out of her long before Tito entered the picture and made her cold, dead, rotten uterus some twins, with the help of fertility medication, because when you’re a whore, your reproductive organs beat to a different “i wish i used condoms now I have pre-cancerous HPV” drum….

That said, it was her way of getting picked up in the media, because she’s no longer doing the one thing she knew how to do to make money, and she’s probably pretty bored and tired from raising kids, when up until this point the only level of responsiblity she had to take for herself was to take load on her face instead of inside her…..

Now she’s “rekindled” with her man, her fake injury washed off in the shower, and the paparazzi were hired to take some pics of her dumpy mom body that you all jerked off to over the last decade, in a bikini, which isn’t that interesting, since googling her name will bring up archive videos of her life that involved things being inserted in her cunt. Good times.

Here are some pics of her playing “mother” because “mothers” don’t have prescription pill adictions or come from abusive homes…bullshit….at least she’s in a bikini reminding us all that she’s really let herself go and lost whatever her scummy ass once had. Enjoy.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sophie Monk and her “Baby” Publicity Stunt of the Day

Sophie Monk is up on another publicity stunt where she tipped up the paparazzi to follow her to the baby clothes store to get people talking about whether or not she is pregnant with the Good Charlotte sister’s baby, even though no one gives a fuck about her or the Paris Hilton herpes dick cumming inside her. She’s a nobody, she’s a nothing, she looks like a fucking muppet I want to cum all over and even cum inside at risk of getting her herpes because I figure when her herpes virus meet my herpes virus they’ll have a fuckin herpes party to keep them herpes busy even though she’s over and done with….and pretty much fucking useless…using this pregnancy as her last fucking attempt….

Pics via Fame

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Erin Andrews Publicity Stunt of the Day

I just saw the Erin Andrews peeping tom video and I am pretty sure the rest of you will eventually, because that’s how the internet works, especially when the bitch is doin’ this for publicity and wants everyone to see it.

They are pulling this whole “peeping tom” situation where she’s getting ready in her hotel and some dude just happens to be videotaping her. Well as a peeping tom, I know that drilling a hole into a fuckin’ hotel room door, or wall, or whatever the fuck he is shooting this from is next to fuckin’ impossible, you get caught, people get arrested and it just doesn’t run this smoothly.

Not to mention she’s a hot bodied sportscaster who everyone wants to see naked, who knows her looks are all she has going for her, and realizes we all want to see her naked, wants to cash in before she gets to old.

Most importantly, I couldn’t even make out her face in the fuckin’ video, and shit coulda been passed off as anyone, before she excitedly told the world it was her, because she wants everyone to be talking about her, and if she really wanted it to disappear she coulda called it a fake and no one could prove otherwise.

It is a cry for attention and the whole thing is totally suspicious but she’s made a statement that she will sue anyone who publishes the shit, so I’ll let you google it like I did, because I can’t afford to get sued, or to be made an example out of, and in the meantime here’s a great video of huge tits and cock…cuz it’s more interesting…

The second the video is published elsewhere, I’ll post it. Word.

Here’s some creepy fan video compilation of her pictures…

I’ll give you Some Screencaps that are on NYPOST

Shit is definitely staged….

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Some Shop Naked Publicity Stunt in the UK of the Day

Here’s a publicity stunt that I like to think I invented, or at least tried pulling off when I was a stock clerk at a Pharmacy, only was far less successful than these motherfuckers.

What you see in the pictures is some bullshit store offering the first 100 customers who show up naked, or half naked because we can’t be smut peddlers as the Christians will judge and never shop here again, a couple hundred dollars to get a crowd and some buzz.

What I used to do was tell various girls I met that if they let me go down on them, or suck their tits, or jerk off on their faces, I’d steal methodone or whatever other prescription drug they were addicted to, and word got around quick and you’d be surprised what kind of turn out I got, unfortunately, none were worth touching, but I got addicted to my new level of fame and was never one to turn down titties in my face….

I guess this just proves the fact that all girls are whores so whether you’re the the guy with the drugs, or the guy with the money, you’re going to have a decent amount of pussy being thrown your way.

Here are those pics.

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Heidi and Spencer Bring Their Bullshit Love to the Streets of the Day

Here are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt livin’ up the lie that people believe because they have nothing better to do with themselves and the paparazzi are going nuts with the shit like these clowns are relevant. The other day, I hit them up on Twitter, because I use Twitter despite how gay it sounds and asked Spencer if he’s ever knocked Heidi up and he was pretty quick to say no. He went out of his way to tell me he hasn’t. He also said he has his own in the house they share, and that’s where he fucks Brody Jenner while Heidi is in the other room staring at her cunt self in the mirror. I want to hate these clowns, but I can’t, because everytime I dream about myself, I am played by Heidi Montag and have a feeling that means we’re soulmates, unfortunately, she has no soul….

Here they are trying to promote her new shit songs that Spencer pretends are the next big thing, while the rest of the world knows shit’s a fucking disaster….

Here’s the video of them working their bullshit for the paparazzi…

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PETA Does Some Non-Nude Stupidity that Makes Me Laugh of the Day

PETA usually does some naked protests and I’ve been following the shit as much as I can being someone who has no real interest in animal rights, because I have a dog and everyday I struggle with not leaving the back door open, or maybe leaving his collar just a little too fucking loose, so that maybe he just happens to escape and you know disappear because he kinda holds me back from doing all thing things I like doing, like not wake up at 6 in the fucking morning to feed his mooch ass.

I like the publicity stunts, because I like naked lesbians, since it’s hard to see naked lesbians outside of activism, you know since the word on the street is that I have a penis, and even if it’s a little penis, it’s still not a penis a lesbian is willing to pretend is a vagina, if you know what I mean.

Today, I was let down, there was know hippie bush, there was no lesbian nipple ring, there was just a bunch of assholes pretending to be slaughtered seals, something my Inuit/Eskimo homeboys, would probably take offense too, because baby seal meat is their steak and seal fur is pretty fuckin’ luxurious.

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Kathy Griffin and Paris Hilton Publicity Stunt that Worked of the Day

I generally don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy, unless that pussy belongs to Kathy Griffin. There is really nothing hot about her, except maybe her fire pussy, but that’s just not enough for me. Maybe it’s because she’s ugly, but I’ve fucked ugly girls, I think it’s got more to do with her comedy, or whatever the fuck it is that she does that involves her making fun of her shitty career as a dlister and pretty much shamelessly compromise any integrity she may have left.

So she did some publicity stunt with Paris Hilton, where they went shopping, she flashed her panties and there are even pics of her in a bikini that I am not paying for, they tipped up the paparazzi, because they are both on a sinking ship and like the movie Titanic, this is them trying to hold onto the floating piece of boat while a rich fat pig of a woman doesn’t share with them and watches them freeze to death…if you know what I mean.

I don’t know what that reference was, don’t try to look into it too much motherfucker….

Here’s the video of them hanging out, I didn’t bother watching it, so I don’t know if they panty flash was caught on tape but I really hope it was….

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