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Erin Andrews Letting You Look at her Body Now That She’s been Paid of the Day

Erin Andrews is some cunty sports broadcaster who wasn’t satisfied in her career and wanted more and more and more – so she hired some dude to follow her around and film her changing in her hotel room – like a slut – only to leverage it for PR and realize she could sue the hotel chains involved for giving out her identity – which was an added bonus that paid her out something like 100,000,000 dollars or some shit – way more than she’d ever make as spots commentator…

Point being, if you find a loophole in the system while doing your slutting….maximize it like Erin Andrews, because then you don’t have to work and you can spend your days doing bikini photoshoots for your creepy pervert sport loving homo closet case fans that use her to make sports seem less homo.

I’ll tell you something though, her body is not worth the 100 million she got for spy camming her…there are so many hotter chicks to obsess over to the point of peeping tomming them – and far less high profile – not that she’s high profile, but high enough to make noise and get you jailtime…before making herself rich off it…

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Erin Andrews’ 55 Million Dollar Nude Video of the Day

Erin Andrews is the new Kim Kardashian as the girl with the most lucrative nude video…

In 2009 – I wrote a post on sportscaster Erin Andrews, where I wrote:

“It is a cry for attention and the whole thing is totally suspicious but she’s made a statement that she will sue anyone who publishes the shit, so I’ll let you google it like I did, because I can’t afford to get sued, or to be made an example out of, and in the meantime here’s a great video of huge tits and cock…cuz it’s more interesting…”

Well, it turns out she just scored 55 million dollars, because after the Peeping Tom went to jail, the Marriott Hotel was roped into the whole thing because it turns out that they gave out her room number to the stalker…which is not really good in hotel business….

I don’t know where the 55 million dollar price tag came into play, considering the whole thing skyrocketed her career, but I guess it was based on all the emotional abuse she got for people calling it staged…

I heard some of her testimony, which wasn’t as good as the HULK HOGAN VS GAWKER TRIAL …It was really just a girl crying about a traumatic sexual crime..boring…

I would bet 55 million dollars that she loves that this happened to her, not that she didn’t before the 55 million dollars…but now she’s probably really happy it happened…

I guess sex offense, peeping, leaking nudes…isn’t bad for business….and or finances..

I still think it was staged.

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Erin Andrews Weird Unicorn Pics for Fox Promo of the Day

Erin Andrews CFB On Fox PromoErin Andrews CFB On Fox Promo

I guess the Erin Andrews scandal where she got a dude fired for peeping on her, who I like to think was just a patsy, or even a homeless dude or someone she had dirt on that was willing to trade a few good years to go to a white collar prison for peepers to help her launch her career as a sportscastster….because other than the fact that she had nude peeping voyeur videos posted of her on the internet for publicity, she’s pretty much done nothing….at least not up until that point…now she’s all big shot doing unicorn pics for College Football on Fox…..because I guess she’s one of the host….

Who says getting naked on the internet doesn’t make dreams come true….Not me….that’s all I say when trying to get girls to send me naked and it works 5 percent of the time…it is a numbers game really, you cast the net and hope for the best.

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Erin Andrews Hot Bikini Pics of the Day

I don’t need to be a peeping tom for this attention whore….who is really not worth going to jail for…especially when your peeping video is what put her useless ass on the fucking map to begin with….dude goes to jail for 2-3 years and she gets on the fucking news like she matters…..

I mean like she matters more than being some half naked attention whore on the beach rockin’ the most ridiculous fake tits….which she doesn’t, but she likes to think she does, as some kind of sportscaster, when all that she really has going for her are some ridiculous fake tits and some fame from a peeping tom video that went viral….which unfortunately is more than enough for me and that’s why I hit her up on twitter….only to be ignored at least once…

Who cares….bikinis are amazing…even on 35 year olds.



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Erin Andrews Weird Cleavage of the Day

The thing I like about Erin Andrews and that I liked telling her over twitter before she blocked me, is that I’ve watched her get dressed all thanks to a peeping tom who go arrested for invasion of privacy, but only after we got to watch her get dressed. It’s like he’s a modern day Jesus who sacrificed himself for all of us, but the reality is that it really wasn’t all that great….

I get that dudes who watch sports probably liked a tall blonde with weird tits telling them their sports news instead of a bald fat man, it seems like a natural fit for a half hot girl to get male attention and launch a career, but as a dude who doesn’t watch sports but who does watch amateur porn, real porn, real hot girl facebook profiles, she’s really not all that great…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Erin Andrews Shows Us What It Takes of the Day

I think it’s pretty obvious that Erin Andrews has figured out how men work, you know since she spent her career working in a men’s field working as a Sportscaster for ESPN, but really only making a name of herself when some dude she probably paid installed some spy cameras on her and released the nude videos to the internet….and here she is demonstrating how it works…without actually putting a dick in her mouth because that would really give away her secret to getting famous enough to be on Dancing with the Stars, which isn’t really famous at all and it would make her out to be the whore she obviously is….and she’s trying to keep that underwraps…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Erin Andrews Publicity Stunt of the Day

I just saw the Erin Andrews peeping tom video and I am pretty sure the rest of you will eventually, because that’s how the internet works, especially when the bitch is doin’ this for publicity and wants everyone to see it.

They are pulling this whole “peeping tom” situation where she’s getting ready in her hotel and some dude just happens to be videotaping her. Well as a peeping tom, I know that drilling a hole into a fuckin’ hotel room door, or wall, or whatever the fuck he is shooting this from is next to fuckin’ impossible, you get caught, people get arrested and it just doesn’t run this smoothly.

Not to mention she’s a hot bodied sportscaster who everyone wants to see naked, who knows her looks are all she has going for her, and realizes we all want to see her naked, wants to cash in before she gets to old.

Most importantly, I couldn’t even make out her face in the fuckin’ video, and shit coulda been passed off as anyone, before she excitedly told the world it was her, because she wants everyone to be talking about her, and if she really wanted it to disappear she coulda called it a fake and no one could prove otherwise.

It is a cry for attention and the whole thing is totally suspicious but she’s made a statement that she will sue anyone who publishes the shit, so I’ll let you google it like I did, because I can’t afford to get sued, or to be made an example out of, and in the meantime here’s a great video of huge tits and cock…cuz it’s more interesting…

The second the video is published elsewhere, I’ll post it. Word.

Here’s some creepy fan video compilation of her pictures…

I’ll give you Some Screencaps that are on NYPOST

Shit is definitely staged….

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