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Katie Price’Short Skirt Panty Flash of the Day

We’ve seen all Katie Price’s vagina has to offer, from a threesome with some dude and a lesbian sex tape to her retarded black baby, I just don’t think there’s much more she can bring, unless she rents her retarded black baby out, but that’s just because I got on a kick earlier this weekend that revolved around having a retard sidekick and using it as the fall guy in any pranks or sexual harrassment you do, you know, grab unsuspecting tits – blame the retard, take a shit on the city bus, blame the retard, it’d be my fuckin’ meal ticket, I just can’t manage to find anywhere you can adopt a retard, because I always see golden opportunity is seemingly defective, discount bargain basement bin things…I’m poor like that.

Here she is flashing some panty, showing off some retarded tits, while makin’ more money than any of us will ever make, yes, it is just that easy….and I find her pretty fuckin’ hot today. Maybe I am just horny…

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Amy Winehouse in a Scary Panty Upskirt Picture of the Day

I wrote this about Amy Winehouse’s panties last week….

I am kinda surprised to see Amy Winehouse wearing panties, I figured that her rotting vagina just kinda closed up on her and dried out meaning there wouldn’t really be a point. Maybe I just think like that because she’s pretty fucking busted looking and I like to pretend she doesn’t have female genitals because it helps keep me straight, but that’d be a lie, since I’d pay to fuck this bitch and bitches that look a hell of a lot worse than her, but I wouldn’t pay much.
That said, if you’re wondering why she went with black pair and not the white pair, it’s because before she put these on, they were white….bad joke, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am really curious what shoving my face in her crotch would smell like, and what would happen if someone was to insert garden hose, PVC pipe, licorice or any tube into her, and I got the opportunity to take a hit of that pussy pipe.
I guess I’ll never know….

I still feel the same. I would love to wear that shit like a Halloween mask, just to see if it smells like death, or chemicals, or old period, or dried up cum, or anything that reminds me that I am still alive, that I still feel, that life isn’t this cold dark scary place I need to medicate myself to survive in, ya know….

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Courtney Cox Flashes Her Panties on Set of the Day

Courtney Cox was running around on the set of some show she is starring in called “Friends The Single and HormonalYears” or some shit. She flashed some panty and that’s where the story ends. I guess you’d want me to tell my story about the 80s, when I first started discovering my sexuality and spent a solid week jerking off in a pair of my foster mother’s dirty panties, that were usually white, a little stained, and made my dick look awesome, but I’m not going to bother, because it’s just weird.

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Kathy Griffin and Paris Hilton Publicity Stunt that Worked of the Day

I generally don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy, unless that pussy belongs to Kathy Griffin. There is really nothing hot about her, except maybe her fire pussy, but that’s just not enough for me. Maybe it’s because she’s ugly, but I’ve fucked ugly girls, I think it’s got more to do with her comedy, or whatever the fuck it is that she does that involves her making fun of her shitty career as a dlister and pretty much shamelessly compromise any integrity she may have left.

So she did some publicity stunt with Paris Hilton, where they went shopping, she flashed her panties and there are even pics of her in a bikini that I am not paying for, they tipped up the paparazzi, because they are both on a sinking ship and like the movie Titanic, this is them trying to hold onto the floating piece of boat while a rich fat pig of a woman doesn’t share with them and watches them freeze to death…if you know what I mean.

I don’t know what that reference was, don’t try to look into it too much motherfucker….

Here’s the video of them hanging out, I didn’t bother watching it, so I don’t know if they panty flash was caught on tape but I really hope it was….

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Jodie Marsh Flashes Her Panties of the Day

Jodie Marsh is one of those Glamor Models from the UK that everyone writes about, despite not actually being anything worth writing about, but worth jerking off to for some people who are into that kind of big breasted, photoshoot thing, because they have big tits and look better in lingerie than your wife despite there being ample fucking porn out there to get you off instead, but I can’t tell you what to do to yourself or your penis.

The good news is that these Glamor Models don’t take their jobs too seriously and realize that they are just one dick in pussy on camera away from being pornstars, but have found a way to make it to that level of class or lack of class without having to go all the fucking way and degrating themselves. It’s all pretty funny, especially as they wobble out of bars like the drunken whores they are, to check out a random dudes dick and flash her panties, I don’t have the uncensored picture of the dude she’s checking out, mainly because I don’t really give a fuck, but I like to think that it’s damage control, because I don’t need to feel more responsible for furthering the confusion that is your sexuality when you get a boner from it, not knowing whether she’s turning you on, or the scenario is turning you on, or maybe even the cock is turning you on. We all know it’s the cock dude and I’m no therapist here, so I’ll just leave the shit boxed out.

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