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Courtney Cox Flashes Her Panties on Set of the Day

Courtney Cox was running around on the set of some show she is starring in called “Friends The Single and HormonalYears” or some shit. She flashed some panty and that’s where the story ends. I guess you’d want me to tell my story about the 80s, when I first started discovering my sexuality and spent a solid week jerking off in a pair of my foster mother’s dirty panties, that were usually white, a little stained, and made my dick look awesome, but I’m not going to bother, because it’s just weird.

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  • Expletive Big Man Politics

    No worries Martinez, she was your foster mother, that’s like the ultimate cougar experience. Speaking of Cougars, though Courtney is one, she is totally bangable, and I could give a rat’s ass about the fact that she’s too skinny. Any Cougar is a good cougar, dumpy or scrawny, they’re just seasoned, and i like me a fucking cougar. David doesn’t know what he has.

  • Bob Smith

    You can tell from that picture that the girl is completely shaved. I never thought much about Courtney Cox, but now, I’m thinking a lot about her. W00t! I’m sportin’ wood!