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Jenna Jameson Bikini to Follow-Up her Publicity Stunt of the Day

For those of you who jerk off to pornstars but don’t worry about what pornstars do in their personal life, you may not have heard that Tito Ortiz “Beat the Fuck” out of Jenna Jameson, even though I based on her pussy, the Fuck Beat the Hell out of her long before Tito entered the picture and made her cold, dead, rotten uterus some twins, with the help of fertility medication, because when you’re a whore, your reproductive organs beat to a different “i wish i used condoms now I have pre-cancerous HPV” drum….

That said, it was her way of getting picked up in the media, because she’s no longer doing the one thing she knew how to do to make money, and she’s probably pretty bored and tired from raising kids, when up until this point the only level of responsiblity she had to take for herself was to take load on her face instead of inside her…..

Now she’s “rekindled” with her man, her fake injury washed off in the shower, and the paparazzi were hired to take some pics of her dumpy mom body that you all jerked off to over the last decade, in a bikini, which isn’t that interesting, since googling her name will bring up archive videos of her life that involved things being inserted in her cunt. Good times.

Here are some pics of her playing “mother” because “mothers” don’t have prescription pill adictions or come from abusive homes…bullshit….at least she’s in a bikini reminding us all that she’s really let herself go and lost whatever her scummy ass once had. Enjoy.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Drunken Pig

    Unlike most of the hollywood whores at least this one was honest about it..made some solid bank off that beaten box!!

  • thatbrutha

    Come on man. She has no ass, never had it never will, and her body is softer now.
    True she isn’t a race whorse anymore but she was a porn star and now she is a mommy give her a break.
    If tito is wearing it out good for him! I was never a fan anyway because she lacked ass!