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Sierra Skye’s Ass of the Day

I don’t really know who the fuck Sierra Skye is, but she is one of these girls of the internet who is into making guys jerk off to her for money and we need girls like that, so long as they don’t pretend they are anything but girls who make dudes jerk off for money….because that’s when they get annoying….it’s like have some level of self awareness when you’re getting paid to get naked….you instagram fuck…

The whole “i am an influencer” when all you do is post your ass to bait dudes to your subscription site is pretty fucking lame….or delusional…no one’s getting fooled here so let us do what we’re here to do…

I am not hating, I mean I am sure she knows that’s how she gets paid or why she has 4.1 million followers who are potentially 85 percent fake…but no one cares about authenticity. they will say “Authentic Self” and things like that, but those are just words….to distract from them being bullshit…on all fronts..from fans and follows to their faces and bodies…

Again, I am generalizing sluts of the internet who sell nudes…since despite the 4 million followers on IG….not knowing who this is….but I these are some of her pics…that will likely make you want to know who she is…

Everyone’s got a price and these girls GET paid, but they are still choosing the easy cash grab but the world has always needed strippers….it’s just a different format now…

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Sierra Skye is Twerking in the Tub in a G-String of the Day

Sierra Skye has over 4 million followers on instagram, which you can never be too sure is real folllowers, for 1,000 dollars you can buy about 100k followers, and if you were to want to grow your instagram to be 4,000,000 people, where 500k are real, you could easily just invest that 40k over the course of time, since brands pay like 10k for an IG post…it’s lunacy only because the audiences on most of these women aren’t even legit…

But let’s say that Sierra Skye and her famous booty is legit, it really doesnt matter, because she does the whole premium content thing, where her booty is celebrated in ways it should be…

So whether you like the IG model look or not, whether you think IG is legit or not, Sierra Skye is worth checking out…at least in the hot tub in her g-string…because her body is fucking crazy…and is likely making millions for being crazy…and since part of her hustle is giving us what we want to see to keep us into it…I am all for being into it…I mean I have forgotten a time that babes didn’t do this kind of thing all the time….I am into it even if I hate G-strings and always have…but that’s a conversation with myself on a public blog no one reads for another day….

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Sierra Skye Naked for her Birthday of the Day

The trend for the young instagram girls with way too many followers, like this Sierra Skye girl, who isn’t even that hot, but that has positioned herself as a fitness influencer, because she’s got a fat ass, that she got through fitness under the watchful eye of her coach, her stage parent mom, who looks like a gutter Florida beauty queen turned fitness model….trash.

So thanks to instagram, she is more than just a cocktail waitress she should have been…cuz she was born for it…..now she’s an INFLUENCER.

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Sierra Skye Booty Dance of the Day

Sierra Skye is some stripper’s daughter out of FLORIDA, who I guess is famous on social media for being a whore of her own with her ass, that I guess she positions as a fitness ass, because it is made in the gym and not with shitty plastic surgery injections all the young girls are getting, only she’s likely getting all those shitty plastic surgery injections all the kids are getting, just using her fitness videos to make it less obvious and to give brands trying to reach her millions of followers some angle more than “shameless daughter of sex worker finds instagram”….

Well, those brand sponsors will be happy to know she’s more than a half naked shameless instagrammer who makes fitness porn…she also twerks…multifaceted click bait talent…

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Sierra Skye Topless Insta Thot of the Day

Sierra Skye topless in a white thong

Sierra Skye has blocked me on social media – and I don’t even comment on anyone’s shit – because I guess she saw me like her pics and remembered googling herself and seeing me laugh at her and her stripper mom in at least one post I’ve done on them before…

Not that I mind mom and daughter erotica, especially not trashy porn looking mom and daughter, but I guess they have so many followers on social media, they prefer pretending they are a Kardashian….

She is essentially a nobody who photoshops the fuck out of herself, you could have got her to post your skinny tea for 200 dollars about a year ago, but who wised up and increased her hooker rates to 10,000 or more per post, not that anyone is paying that, but they may eventually, she’s got a lot of followers, likely from Russia or wherever she is buying her followers from, but the interesting thing about seeing this real life picture of her, is seeing just how fucking weirdly shaped she is, how mutilated her face is, and how photosopped she is.

I am all for these no names trying to make it and semi-getting there – because idiot media buyers and casting people hire them thinking they actually matter because they matter on instagram even though they don’t matter anywhere…

Good cheesy nude hustle though.

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Sierra SKye Bolt On Tits and Weird Instagram Body of the Day

Sierra Skye is a nobody, who you could have got to post your skinny tea for 500 dollars about a year ago, but who wised up and increased her hooker rates to 10,000 or more per post, because she’s just that popular, likely in Russia or wherever she is buying her followers from, but the interesting thing about seeing this real life picture of her, is seeing just how fucking weirdly shaped she is, how mutilated her face is, on some typical, common, all the girls are doing it kick…of shaping their body into some kind of creepy instagram filter or facetune/photoshop filter by sucking fat out of the stomach, putting it in the ass, getting bolt on looking tits, and jacking up their face…not looking anything like they did two years ago, carried away with the IG dream..because it’s all they have going for them…it’s fucked up…but it happens all the time..this is the normal…and they are all going to age so fucked up, while looking so fucke dup..but check out the tits…because we like tits…another trend that comes with this body mulilation that everyone’s doing in their vain disgusting vapid existences…

GUTTER..but she thinks she’s an “influencer”…or content creator curating her life..the world is dumb..but it did get me talking about her…proving yet again that nipples win all wars.

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