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Simona Fusco Stratten in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Simona Fusco Stratten and these are some pictures of her in a bikini that hit the other day, I am slow on posting this shit but figure you like lookin’ at girls in bikinis because your life probably lacks that so I am doing them anyway. I think lookin at her pretty hot body is a lot better than the girls I get stuck lookin’ at every time I hit the beach I go with high fuckin’ hopes, like that maybe there will be some young girls tanning topless and playing volleyball or tanning with their hot bodies, but it always seems to end up being a beach for the elderly women who aren’t scared of skin cancer.

You know in one piece bathing suits that instead of drawing attention to their tits, draw attention to their huge stomachs that if lucky enough leave a gap big enough for you to see some old lady vagina because of the stomach overhang, because let’s face it, there’s not always enough fabric to cover a fat bitch up proper. The good news is that at least you get to see some box and they don’t really mind because they like the male attention, it reminds them of their younger years and feel like they still have sex appeal and take that home to their husbands that night with a nostalgic blowjob….

Either way, here’s Simona Fusco Stratten.

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