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Whitney Port’s Skinny Legs of the Day

A lot of people email me telling me off because I like skinny girls and hate fat chicks because fat girls are fucking lazy, ugly, smell, are uncomfortable to sit next to on a plane, or to sleep with in a bed while skinny girls always look the way girls are supposed to look.

As much as I blame hot girls with fat asses and hip hop music videos for making guys like their bitches thick, despite the fact that thick always leads to real fucking fat, I blame ugly skinny chicks for taking away from my cause by turning people off of skinny chicks….

So here’s a post to blame this disgusting, worthless Whitney Port person for ruining the public’s idea of skinny cuz she leaves her house with her fucked up face, low level celebrity that is going to be done soon, while remaining as uninteresting as possible with a physically retarded body looking body, up on some Special Olympics shit…..and here she is with her wobbly looking legs….and remember skinny doesn’t look so shit all the time.

Pics via Bauer

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Whitney Port’s Stupid Pinhead and Skinny Legs of the Day

Whitney Port has a little lookin pinhead of a head and I guess that may explain why she’s retarded, you know, not enough room for her brain to grow to its full potential or some shit, not that I know if she’s even retarded, I’ve never seen The Hills, I just know I hate it and I also know she gets paid big bucks to be on it, which is better than being a retard in life without getting paid and the whole thing just leads me to believe that maybe I’m the retard, despite my head being of normal size and from past experience most retards actually have really big fucking heads, so my logic is totally wrong, so maybe you should just look at her legs and masturbate, if you’re into skinny awkward lookin’ things.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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