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I am – Melanie Brown in a Bikini of the Day


Here are some pictures of a post pregnant Melanie Brown rocking a bikini for all of you fucking losers to look at and either criticize her for being a slut who gets knocked up by dudes who deny it ever happening or talk about her big fat titties that are full of milk to feed the baby dudes who fuck her deny ever doing….

I ended up at the beach at one point in the last few months, it wasn’t a very beautiful thing for the people around me because I am about as attractive as a dying cancer patient in the hospital is and I am not saying that to be insensitive to dying cancer patients, I am saying it to really give you an idea of how unattractive I am. The difference between me and a dying cancer patient is that I am about 300 lbs and they aren’t, but I am probably equally pale despite my native mexican roots. I blame Canada and you should to.

Either way, I am out of the loop, out of practice and confused as fuck so look at these pictures and pretend I never wrote this shit, which won’t be too hard because you probably never read it. Cuddles.

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