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Taryn Manning Sloppy Staged Bikini Pics to Stay Relevant of the Day

There was a time when Taryn Manning was my facebook friend. Her acting career was totally fucking dead and I guess she had a lot of time on her hands to re-connect with people who never found her hot. She was promoting some bullshit band she was doing with her brother and a clothing line that sucked….She would answer my messages because she probably had nothing better to do and I’d look at her pictures she posted wondering why she looked so haggard and old, coming to the conclusion that it was thanks to hard drugs, and maybe lying about her age….

But here she is in some staged bikini pictures, so it is safe to say bitch is making a comeback, or trying to, because why else would she pay the paparazzi to follow her and her shitty body in a bikini around for the day….Everyone knows it’s the cheapest way to get noticed, it’s no secret to us that they aren’t actually “catching” you on vacation like they did 10 years ago, when bikini pictures actually meant something….now they’re just as common as herpes.

Either way, here are the pics…if you’re into ugly sloppy pussy with no ass or chin…and I know you are…cuz any pussy is good enough for you….then you’ll like this mess…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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