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Hey Star Wars Nerds – Deathstar Explosion was an Inside Job of the Day

I’ve never seen the Star Wars movies…..I know….how can a guy this socially awkward, who runs a website…and sits on a computer all day…not watch virgin nerd shit….I mean everyone from the late 70s saw the shit…but I was too poor to go to the movies and didn’t give a fuck then and don’t give a fuck now….

But I do love me a good conspiracy theory…and I do know that people like you are really into Star Wars and this shit will be fucking porno to you and that is why I’m sharing…

The things I do to keep you assholes happy….is beyond me.

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Disney’s Star Wars Purchase Promo Video of the Day

Disney bought Lucas Films for 4 billion dollars because George Lucas wasn’t rich enough to begin with…and they are releasing a bunch of new movies for all you Star Wars nerds…but you don’t need me to tell you that…you’ve probably been masturbating to it the last 24 hours….

Here’s a trailer for Episode 7…..it is exactly what you’d expect….

So now all you Star Wars nerds may end up getting slamming your genitals raw into raw…you know grinding that shit off…

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