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Jessica Alba’s Ripped Off Her Online Staring Contest of the Day

So someone sent in this video of Jessica Alba doing some kind of staring contest for some website that makes more money than me because I don’t think I’d every be able to afford Alba on webcam for the site, at least not for another 10 years when she slowly burns through her money and can’t land work because no one gives a fuck about her weathered mom body.

I guess that’s the double edged sword that comes with only having a career based on your looks and the fact that every dude wants to fuck you. Sure it’s great while you’re livin’ it and cashing in on something you had absolutely no control over since you were just fortunate enough to be born lookin’ a certain way, but the second you realize your worth is only in your looks and that beauty is fleeting and that you were just an “it” girl for a period of time and not a lifer, and you cut your window in half because you had to go out there and get knocked up, you’ll probably be willing to take any work you can get for reasonable discount prices.

Either way, she does this online staring contest, it’s at least a couple weeks old, but I am posting it just to let people know that the concept isn’t original. Some asian girl’s been staring at the camera on YouTube for a while now and each of her videos get about 2,000,000 views and this is just another example of the little guy getting ripped the fuck off and getting no compensation or recognition for it by the big evil corporate monster.

This is the Girl Alba is Ripping Off:

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